Yonkers Root Canal

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When it comes to your general, emergency and cosmetic dental care needs, the professional team at the office of John Constantine DDS has got you covered. Over the years, Dr. Constantine has established an excellent reputation throughout the Yonkers area for providing gentle, compassionate, and skilled care for his patients. If you’re in need of urgent dental care, you can count on us to provide you with the gentle and precise treatment you deserve, whether you should require 10704 root canal therapy, treatment for a dental infection, cavity or injury.

Our staff is trained to prioritize dental emergencies and will schedule you in as promptly as possible for treatment. Once at our office, your dentist can perform a careful oral examination, taking diagnostic films as needed. Ever current with the latest technology in the field, Dr. Constantine utilizes the foremost diagnostic modalities to assist in determining the precise underlying cause of your dental pain. For a tooth that has been subject to trauma, extensive decay, chipping, or infection, Dr. Constantine will want to check to make sure that the innermost vital tissue of the tooth hasn’t been irreversibly damaged. Under such circumstances, a treatment called 10704 root canal therapy can be performed to treat the inside of the tooth.

Despite lingering myths about the procedure, root canal therapy today is as pain-free as getting a cavity filled. Performed tens of thousands of time each day across the US, root canal therapy is a highly effective treatment for preserving and maintaining your natural tooth. Following the procedure, your dentist will discuss your best restorative options for reestablishing the structure and appearance of the tooth.

Whether you’re in need of 10704 root canal therapy, or the advanced restoration of damaged, decayed, or injured teeth, you’ll be in the very best of hands at the office of John Constantine DDS. To schedule your next visit, contact our helpful staff at the number below.

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