Where can I find a Dentist in Yonkers?

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If you’re on the lookout for an experienced dentist in Yonkers, committed to providing his patients with the best that modern dentistry has to offer, look to the office of John Constantine DDS for your general, family and cosmetic dentistry needs. Since graduating with honors for NYU College of Dentistry, Dr. Constantine has remained dedicated to keeping pace with the latest advances in dental technology and technique, as an active member of the American Dental Association, New York State Dental Association, and President of the 9th District Dental Society. Joined by our periodontal specialist, Dr. Sid Tucker, a published researcher on systemic complications which arise due to gum disease, we’re prepared to provide a sweeping range of dental services for you and your loved ones.

First and foremost, we strive to help our patients prevent the need for advanced treatments by providing routine preventive dental care. Encouraging visits to our office every six months, Dr. Constantine can routinely monitor the health of your teeth, gums, and jaw, screening for a wide range of issues. Utilizing the foremost diagnostic modalities, your dentist in Yonkers is highly experienced in the detection of dental issues, and can address any issues early on, when treatment is often the easiest. One of the most prevalent dental conditions among adults is gum disease, the most common cause of tooth loss in the US. Whether you require a cleaning, deep cleaning, or advanced periodontal therapy from our specialist on staff, we’re fully equipped to stop gum disease in its tracks and help restore your oral health. We offer only the highest quality restorative, prosthetic, and implant-based solutions available as well, so that in the event of needing to repair or replace any teeth, you can feel confident in our results. We’re also an excellent resource for cosmetic services in the area. From complete smile makeovers with dental veneers, to professional teeth whitening, we’ve got you covered.

To learn more about the quality services offered by our experienced dentist in Yonkers, give a call to the office of John Constantine DDS today!

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